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Jumping to Random Posts

The attentive among you might have noticed a new “Random” link at the bottom of each post in this blog, taking you to a (you guessed it) random post on this blog, powered by the RANDOM() function of SQLite (because, you do remember that the search feature in this blog is built on top of SQLite, do you?


I didn’t grow up in a family where literature played any significant role, other than entertainment, that is. My mother enjoyed reading novels by Jacqueline Susann and Harold Robbins. My mathematician grandmother read French paperbacks from the collection “J’ai Lu” by authors ranging from Agatha Christie to Guy des Cars.

Split and Join Arbitrary Text

Last week I enumerated some strategies to split and join large files on the terminal; let’s see how to do more split and join, but this time for any text on the standard input, just like the creators of Unix wanted us to operate on data.

Split and Join Large Files

This post explains some useful combinations of commands that you can use on Linux (or sometimes also in other operating systems) to split large files into smaller pieces, and then how to rebuild the original file from those pieces.


So this is an unusual topic for this publication, I agree. In almost 20 years of blogging I have almost never ever talked about extraterrestrial life, but for various reasons I’ve been pondering about it lately, and here go some thoughts and beliefs in no particular order.

Mathematical Curiosities

This post contains some interesting mathematical curiosities I’ve recently learned about.

Running Programming Workshops

I’ve attended my fair share of programming workshops, and I have organized quite a few as part of my professional life, which means that, for the best or the worst, I have strong opinions about the subject.

How to Install FreeBSD 14 on a 6th Generation Thinkpad

Last weekend I installed FreeBSD on a 6th generation ThinkPad (released in 2018) and I was surprised to learn 2 things: first, how easy it is to install it on this machine, and second, how enjoyable and stable FreeBSD is as a computing environment.

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