Adrian Kosmaczewski


Writer, Software Developer and Trainer.


Adrian Kosmaczewski is a writer, a software developer and a trainer. He is a published author, and has worked as a professional software developer since 1996. Adrian holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool. Together with Graham Lee, he is the creator of De Programmatica Ipsum.

When not coding or teaching, Adrian likes to spend time with his wife Claudia, his cat Max and his Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter.


Adrian has written or co-authored many books about software development, plus a novel, since 2012.

Mobile JavaScript Application Development
Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running
Android for iOS Developers – A Step by Step Guide
Rogelio Suárez y la Vida Peligrosa
Android for iOS Developers – Kotlin Edition 2018
Android for iOS Developers – Java Edition 2018
Tales of Editors & Keyboards – A Personal Introduction To Vim & Emacs
De Programmatica Ipsum Volume One
Swift 5.0 – A beginner’s course book with exercises


Adrian writes his mind regularly:

You can find more at De Programmatica Ipsum.


Adrian has worked as a professional software developer since 1997.

  • Conway: An implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in 20 different programming languages.

  • SwiftMoment: A time and calendar manipulation library for iOS, macOS, tvOS, & watchOS, written in Swift 4 with Xcode 9.

  • nib2objc: Set of tools and utilities (command line, GUI, Mac Service) to transform NIB files for the iPhone into Objective-C code files. Featured in an ArsTechnica article by Erica Sadun.

  • eBook-Template: Template to create PDF, ePub and Kindle books with Asciidoctor

  • iOS7-Presentation: A short summary of new APIs and features available for app developers in iOS 7. Shown in the GOTO Nights in Eindhoven and Amsterdam (November 20th and 21st 2013) and Zurich (December 18th 2013)

You can find more at GitLab and Github, or at his Stack Overflow Story.


Adrian is a regular speaker at developer conferences since 2006.






Discover and download Adrian’s slides and presentations at his SpeakerDeck.