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Adrian Kosmaczewski is a software expert with over 27 years of experience, currently working as Senior Architect for Red Hat. He is a published author, trainer, and speaker. He has written many books about software development and has shipped cloud, mobile, and desktop apps since 1996. Adrian holds a Master in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool.

Together with Graham Lee, he is the creator of De Programmatica Ipsum, a monthly publication about the impact of software in society.

When not coding or teaching, Adrian likes to spend time with his wife Claudia, his cat Max and his Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter.


O'Reilly published 2 books written by Adrian:

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Adrian has been writing on the web since 1996, and blogging since 2004. Jump to a random page on this blog right now!

He is also the founder and main author of De Programmatica Ipsum, "a magazine about programmers, code, and society," updated on the first Monday of every month since October 2018. He updates his personal blog every Friday.

Adrian has also explored screenwriting, mostly using the Fountain format, through the excellent Better Fountain extension for Visual Studio Code. The result is "Una Habitación con Vista al Mar" (in Spanish, also as pdf and fountain) written in 2016.

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Adrian has worked as a professional software developer since 1997.

  • Notepad .LOG: A Visual Studio Code extension that replicates the .LOG functionality of Windows Notepad.

  • Sample Containerized Applications: A set of web applications written in 20 programming languages (Perl, Dart, TypeScript, Rust, C++, F#, Crystal, etc) ready to be containerized and deployed in various Kubernetes platforms, from Minikube, to K3s, to Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Active Record: An implementation of the Active Record pattern in Rust.

  • Conway: An implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in 33 different programming languages.

  • kroki-vscode: A Visual Studio Code extension to preview diagrams previewed in Kroki.

  • SwiftMoment: An archived time and calendar manipulation library for iOS, macOS, tvOS, & watchOS, written in Swift 4 with Xcode 9.

  • nib2objc: An archived set of tools and utilities (command line, GUI, Mac Service) to transform NIB files for the iPhone into Objective-C code files. Featured in an ArsTechnica article by Erica Sadun in 2009. Featured in The Changelog in 2011.

  • eBook-Template: Template to create PDF, ePub and Kindle books with Asciidoctor.

  • iOS7-Presentation: A short summary of new APIs and features available for app developers in iOS 7, built as a self-demostrating iPad application. Shown in the GOTO Nights in Eindhoven and Amsterdam (November 20th and 21st 2013) and Zürich (December 18th 2013).

You can find more at GitLab and Github.

On the Press

Adrian has often been interviewed, referenced in, and has contributed to various media outlets around the world:

  • "CL#149- La guerre des Clouds a commencé en Suisse", interview at COMINMAG.CH, February 2021 (article and video)

  • "Swift 5.0 – das Buch von approppo", article in the website, April 2019 (German).

  • "10 Questions to Adrian Kosmaczewski", interview by Marco Mulhaupt on LinkedIn, June 2016 (link).

  • "Mobicamp 2012", article written for COMINMAG.CH magazine, February 2012 (picture).

  • "Gestion de projets: Ne répétons pas les mêmes erreurs!", article written for COMINMAG.CH magazine, December 2011 (picture).

  • "TTC - Toutes Taxes Comprises", interview on Swiss TV, November 2011 (video in French).

  • "2012: l’Année du web mobile", article written for COMINMAG.CH magazine, October 2011 (PDF).

  • "Die neuen Schweizer Macher", article in the SonntagsZeitung, June 2011 (PDF).

  • Entrevista en la radio Metro 95.1 de Buenos Aires, Septiembre 2011.

  • "No Mentirás", interview on Bolivian TV, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, June 2011.

  • Interviews for CulturePod, April 2010 (videos in French and English).

  • "First iPads in Switzerland", April 2010 (video).

  • Le PoteCast 021, April 2010 (video in French and making of).

  • "Auch Spass bringt Mehrwert", interview on the Tages Anzeiger, October 2009 (PDF).

  • "Flinker Schneeleopard", interview on the SonntagsZeitung, August 2009 (PDF).

  • "Apple reste intouchable sur le marché des applications", interview on Le Temps, July 2009 (PDF).

  • "Apple öffnet sich nur halb", interview on the SonntagsZeitung, June 2009 (PDF).

  • "Steve Jobs' Krankheit hat Apple gutgetan–die Sekte öffnet sich", interview on the Tages Anzeiger, June 2009 (PDF).

  • Interview by Junior Bontognali, 2009 (videos: part 1 and part 2).

  • Interview at the Unofficial Apple Weblog, June 2009 (video).

  • iPhone Conference, October 2008 (teaser 1 and teaser 2).

  • "iPhone Conference: Un train à ne pas rater", interview on COMINMAG.CH Magazine, October 2008 (PDF).

  • "Electronlibre use de Django", interview on IBCOM, June 2008 (PDF).

Interview on Bolivian TV - 2011
Figure 1. Interview on Bolivian TV, June 2011
Interview on Swiss TV – 2011
Figure 2. Interview on Swiss TV, November 2011


Producer of "VSHN.timer", weekly podcast about DevOps and Cloud technologies, from October 2020 to March 2021.


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