akosma software is hiring

Due to unprecedented growth, akosma software is hiring.

Here’s what we offer:

You have the following characteristics and skills:

Bonuses (not required but a good way to score more points):

Are you interested? Then get in touch presenting yourself (in English please), and explaining in detail why you think you are the best candidate we have ever met and how lucky we are. Don’t forget to add the link to your LinkedIn account or your CV (PDF, Pages, Word, OpenOffice, LaTeX or plain text accepted).

By the way, the presentation letter is very important. Don’t skip that part. We won’t pay as much attention without a good one. We’ll get back to you anyway, even if your skills aren’t what we are looking for; we hate those companies who ask for workforce, receive candidacies and never answer them back to say “no thanks”, so we don’t behave that way.