Announcing my second book: "Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running"

This is the official announcement of my second book, “Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running”, available for sale in print and in DRM-free electronic formats (PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc.). This book is my humble attempt to provide an easy path to learn the basics of Sencha Touch 2.1.

This is the book description:

Launch into Sencha Touch 2 with this hands-on book, and quickly learn how to develop robust mobile web apps that look and behave like native applications. Using numerous code samples, author Adrian Kosmaczewski guides you every step of the way through this touchscreen-enabled JavaScript framework—from creating your first basic app to debugging, testing, and deploying a finished product.

Learn how to craft user interfaces, build forms, and manage data, then deploy as either an HTML5 offline app or as a native app for Android, iOS, or Blackberry.

You can buy a copy of the book at these locations:

This second book would have never been possible without the great help of lots of incredible people scattered all over the planet; to begin with, the whole Sencha team, who have created and documented an out-of-this-planet kind of JavaScript framework; kudos and thanks to all of them, in particular to Jeff Hartley, Vice President of Services; to David Marsland, Chief Instructor; and Jim Soper, Senior Technical Trainer at Sencha.

I would also like to thank Simon St. Laurent, my editor at O’Reilly, who wholeheartedly embraced the idea of this book just as we were sending “Mobile JavaScript Application Development” to press, and was extremely supportive during the process. I would also like to thank the reviewers of this book. Jens-Christian Fischer, from Zurich, Switzerland, with whom I had the privilege of teaching Sencha Touch in the past, and who has provided me with incredible tips and tricks to make this book a better one. Mats Bryntse, Founder of Bryntum AB from Lund, Sweden, creator of the Siesta testing framework described in Chapter 8, and who reviewed it extensively. Gabriel García Marengo, web designer at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, who sent great feedback, and who is one of the best friends anyone could have. Martín Paoletta, Solutions Architect at Redbee in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who read the book from the perspective of a solution provider, and made excellent recommendations. Thanks to you all.

This book is dedicated with love and gratitude to Claudia. Te amo, preciosa.

The code samples of the book can be found, as usual, in Github. Feel free to fork, share and enjoy! I hope this book will be useful to those developers looking for a good introduction to the subject.