It turns out that there is an asteroid (number 15609) named “Kosmaczewski” (well, that won’t surprise many of those who know me too well…) Here’s the story of how it happened, taken from this document:

SARA’S ASTEROID. A science project that looked at the way pesticides affected animals like worms and slugs has earned Hamden ninth grader Sara Kosmaczewski the honor of having an asteroid named after her. The youngster, along with her teacher, participated in the third annual Discovery Young Scientist Challenge, a national science contest; her project, which involved testing the animals with pesticides similar to those used to combat West Nile Disease, found that the amount of the chemical sprayed was more important than the particular type. Fewer than 10,000 people have asteroids named after them; scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggested naming asteroids after Sara, the other contest participants, and their teachers.

If you ever read this, Sara, the Kosmaczewski family owes you something absolutely incredible!