Attending WWDC 2012

Next week I’ll be attending the 2012 edition of WWDC in San Francisco! A whole week full of training sessions, labs, and meetings with cool friends from all over the world. And apparently with many surprises, as several sessions in the schedule (requires login) are marked as “to be announced”.

Just like in 2008, 2009 and 2010, I will be covering this event on this blog, providing details… of the keynote, which is the only part that I can safely talk about :)

For those of you going there for the first time, check out the always excellent WWDC guide by Jeff LaMarche, updated for the 2012 edition. If we meet in the hallways, don’t hesitate to stop me to say hi! I’d love to meet you in person. WWDC is much more than a conference, is a gathering of very cool people, real artists who ship amazing applications. Don’t forget to get your copy of the official WWDC app in your iPhone or iPad! (oh, and check the latest “WWDC tips” by Jeff Johnson in his Twitter timeline, they are hilarious… and so true :)

Personally I am very happy to meet many friends like Jørn Larsen, Joe d’Andrea, Daniel Steinberg, Daniel Pasco, Danilo Campos, and of course the amazing group of 10 members of the immedia team, led by Anice Hassim and Nazeem Ebrahim who arrived yesterday to the US from Durban, South Africa!

Finally, check out the official list of WWDC parties! I will be attending (at least) the iOS Intelligence Party by Raven Zachary on Monday and the WWDC Bash on Thursday, so if you are around let’s meet and share a beer.

This WWDC will be epic!