Calculator Project

I have just posted a page in the site, about a recent project I’ve done, implementing a simple stack-based calculator, similar to those HP ones: it is called Calculator, and you can find it under the Project pages.

There are several ideas behind this project:

  1. Create a command-line application using C++, in such a way that the same source code could be used to create executables for the Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
  2. Have a good suite of unit tests for the different modules of the application, using CppUnit.
  3. Give a test drive to Doxygen and "dot", to generate a full CHM file plenty of diagrams and explanations about the solution.
  4. Create the application using as many IDEs as possible:
  5. Compile the application using the biggest possible number of compilers:
  6. Learn the basic syntax of makefiles and provide one for each target platform (the Windows version uses MinGW)
  7. Make the source code available as "Public Domain" for others to test it, and play with it.

I have learnt several things doing this:

Feel free to download it and tell me your thoughts about it!