I started using Windows 11 recently. It’s changed a lot since the last time I used Windows professionally (those were the times of Windows XP, almost 20 years ago). Also, Chocolatey makes it really easy to install software on it.

There’s one app I miss from the times of Windows 3.1, though; a small app that I loved to use, to collect random thoughts, and to review them quickly and simply. I even used it to prepare exams and stuff like that. I still have those old *.crd files laying around, in really old backups somewhere.

That app was Cardfile.exe. So I looked for it online (it’s not available on Chocolatey) and found it on vetusware, and it works perfectly well on Windows 10 and 11: download, unzip, run. I could even change the font to something more modern (in my case, JetBrains Mono) without problem.

But it does not work with Wine on Linux; it crashes when selecting “File / Open” or “Save”. Sad, but expected.

It does just one thing, and it does it right. Hit F7 to create a new note, CTRL + Page Up and CTRL + Page Down to scroll the notes. There used to be a replacement for it called AZZ Cardfile, which included *.crd file import compatibility, but I haven’t tried it.