Computers Bundled With Linux

For those interested in buying a computer with Linux built-in, here’s a list of options. There might be more, but these are the ones I found by scouting around.

Based in Europe

These manufacturers are based on Europe:


These are located in the states.

Big Brands

These days you can get pre-installed Linux from some big manufacturers in Switzerland, which means you get to avoid the “Windows tax” on your hardware, which amounts to roughly 150 Swiss francs. For that money, you can get more storage or RAM. Finally.


There is also the Pinebook Pro which can run various Linux and BSD operating systems.

Update, 2022-03-22: There’s the Framework Laptop now as well.

Update, 2022-10-28: Minifree offers GNU+Linux laptops with coreboot, osboot or libreboot preinstalled.