COVID-19 Vaccination Progress

The (low) speed of the COVID-19 vaccination in Switzerland is infuriating. The current graphs show almost a linear progression. Linear, not quadratic, not exponential. Linear. Fucking linear. They say it’s going to accelerate from now on, well, we’ll see about that.

I extrapolated the official data to find out the possible date in which all of Switzerland will have had both doses. Of course I know that many don’t want it – an idiotic reality, if you ask me, but whatever. Vaccines should be mandatory and basta.

The Python script is as simple and as stupid as you can imagine, and here it is for your use and verification. I used Python because of SciPy and NumPy, awesome stuff that allows you to make great stats with just a few lines of code.

Thanks to the Swiss Federal government for the data, have fun, and stay safe.

Update, 2021-04-23: Thanks to Alexandre Joly there’s now a JavaScript version compatible with Scriptable, an iOS application that allows to create custom home screen widgets.

Update, 2021-05-14: The evaluation of current data indicates an acceleration of the vaccination rate; 72.5% since May 1st, up to 18'200 fully vaccinated people/day from just around 10'000 before that date.