Cross-Platform Mobile Web Application Development Training in London

We are very happy to announce the first edition of the Cross-Platform Mobile Web Application Development Training in London!

Today, having a mobile application online is a “must.” But there are multiple platforms to write for, each with their own language, idioms and pitfalls. Luckily there is a simple solution that allows to write once and deploy on all modern mobile devices: HTML5 and JavaScript.


This three day intensive course, brought to you jointly by Zerofee and akosma software takes you from being a web developer to being a mobile developer. We take you through the basics of writing HTML5 applications for mobile devices, cover the additional APIs that allow you to access the functions of the devices (like storage, geo-location, accelerometers) and put you in control of deploying an application to either iOS or Android devices.

The training will cover the following:

What you will walk away with

There will be lots of hands-on working building an application from scratch and bringing it to life on your mobile device. We will build two applications – one with jQuery Mobile, one with Sencha Touch and bring them to “life” as native applications on a mobile device.


To attend this training, you must have prior experience in the following technologies:

These are the hardware and software requirements:

Optionally, you can also bring your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) to install your mobile web apps into it.


Adrian Kosmaczewski is the author of the book Mobile JavaScript Application Development recently published by O’Reilly. He has been writing software for the past 20 years, riding the web since the time Netscape 2 was the next big thing. He started writing Cocoa applications for the Mac in 2002, and has been writing iOS apps since he returned from WWDC 2008. Adrian is the founder of akosma software, with a strong focus in all things web and iOS.

Adrian is an experienced trainer in IT and programming, and he has already offered this training in Switzerland and South Africa with great success.

When and Where

The 3 day course will be held from October 1st to October 3rd in London, in the Hoxton Hotel, 81 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3HU London.


Just send us an email to or for any question you may have.