What amazes me most about democracy is that:

Why do we vote, then? What for? Has “modern democracy” really changed anything in this world in the last 200 years? We still have slavery, genocides and hunger (and even more now than before). Whether you see them or not depends on the sources of information you read.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking for a dictatorship; I think that democracy is still the best deal you can get from all other systems. At least you can have the hope of getting rid of your current dictator after the term is over. But don’t fool yourself, you don’t get much more than hope. The history is full of “democracies” with the same president being voted again and again through the decades.

I’m asking for a collective scream.

I think it is possible to behave like adults and care about each other, at last, without the “powers that be” watching over your shoulder and eating 70% of what you create, whether you like or not.

I care. Do you?