digital2.0 iPad Application

This is a very special blog post to introduce our latest project, a unique collaboration between moser, a brand and design specialist, VPS prod, an award-winning video production company, and akosma software:

digital2.0, available on the App Store, is an exploration into the capabilities of the iPad. Everybody talks about this new device, but what can you do with it? We hear this question all the time, from our clients and even from our colleagues and the teams we work with. So we decided to join forces and create a demo application answering most of the questions raised by this new type of media.

digital2.0 provides answers to the following questions:

Finally, we’ve also included a “Making of” video, shot during the 3 months of work required to create this project since April. Around 10 people were involved in this project, from graphic designers to video directors, and we are all really proud of the result. We hope you’ll like it too!

If you want to get more information about digital2.0, check out the official Facebook page of the project and also our Twitter account.