Do You Feel It?

All around me, things are happening at an accelerated pace compared to last year. People I know are changing jobs, taking trips they never thought they’d take, creating new things, starting new ventures, and moving on to new phases in their lives.

People in every circle around me is changing faster than last year. In more profound ways, those that have deeper meaning, and with long-lasting impact. Of course, I won’t disclose names, but they are reading this right now and they know who they are.

I see that happening even in circles that aren’t that close to me. Take for example the videos published by some well-known YouTube celebrities: Kara and Nate, Marques Brownlee, Cecilia Blomdahl, Tom Scott, and even Anna Bey are going through some life-changing decisions. No need to watch the videos, just look at their faces in the thumbnails. That should give you a hint.

You might think that this is a stupid example, and you’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve decided to follow the movement.