Erlang is a hot thing, indeed. Here's why.

I usually have around 50 to 80 visits per day in this blog; I’m not that famous after all, mind you; it must be the polish family name, people must have a hard time typing it ;)

Today I checked my report at Google Analytics… and this is what I saw: more than 600 visits for yesterday alone! Not only that, but I’ve had 10 comments posted in many articles of this blog, just yesterday, while usually I get one or two per week:

Apparently yesterday’s Erlang article was the main drive for all of these visits:

But how did it happen? It seems that someone posted the link at and lots of people came to see:

It this means anything about Erlang, well, I think I must learn more about it, faster! This is amazing!

Thanks everyone who came, and I hope you enjoyed the reading. Please feel free to leave comments, in any post that you like. I love to hear your feedback on what I write.

Update, 4 hours later the publication of this article: It seems that many of you are coming to this blog from… welcome and thanks for your visits! I have to tell you that, at the moment, my Google Analytics stats show that more than 700 people have come here today! Thanks to all of you!!