First iPads in Switzerland!

Queuing in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, 767 Fifth Avenue, New York City, Saturday at 0515:

Getting into the Apple Store at 0900:

The most important part: buying the iPads! This photo was taken by Associated Press and later relayed by Le Figaro (6th photo) and Tages Anzeiger (5th photo), among others:

Arriving to Switzerland, as filmed by Thierry Weber:

Talking about the iPads in yesterday’s geek night in Zurich, with Jonas Schnelli from include7 (photo taken by Jørn Larsen from Trifork GmbH):

akosma software was there, in the grand opening day, to get a couple of iPads before its general availability in Switzerland :) Contact us! We can and we want to help you bring your ideas to the iPhone and the iPad.