Global Conscience

Our objective is global awareness. It is our ultimate goal.

Today we have far more ways to know what is going on in the minds on the other side of the planet, than in those of the people sitting in front of us in the train.

But we will get there, too. Each one of us will be totally, instantly, fully aware of each other. It will happen. And I mean it in a big way, in a holistic way, including every detail. Including even the details that we will not want to share at first.

Some scientist will learn how to interpret those electric signals in our brains, so that they can be translated into images and words, palatable to anyone else, in any medium they choose. Or even easier, the signals from all brains will be broadcasted, like a massive Twitter of thoughts, to whomever wants to listen. No need to translate; just plug and play.

We will know everything about everyone. At any given time. In any language. And all of that will be recorded, and it will be used against us, of course. It will generate shockwaves of anger and happiness. People will discover each other. Psychologists will finally be understood by the rest of us. Frauds and heroes will surface naturally among a sea of human stories. No omission will pass by undetected, no dream will be left without analysis.

No translator will be needed ever again. The pure language of thought will flow among us, and thought deprivation will be considered a felony.

Maybe even censorship will become not only unlawful, but actually impossible.

Learning processes will approach the usability seen in a Matrix movie.

No love story will remain hidden.

All of this will happen automatically, instantaneously, by everyone, and everywhere, at any time. Fear and pain of anyone will be felt by all of us, simultaneously, at once.

Empathy will no longer be an option, but a core feature of our species.

This is something we are actively looking for. This is what we want. We want to know, and we will know. The question is, are we mature enough to handle what we are going to see when this happens?