GNOME Extensions

Last week I talked about Firefox extensions, last year I talked about VSCode extensions, now it’s time to talk about GNOME extensions. For those who don’t know, GNOME is the name of one of the various desktop environments available for Linux and other operating systems.

Here are a few extensions I systematically install in every computer I use.

I also used NoAnnoyance in the past, to avoid the “window is ready” popup and to have windows coming to the foreground when opened… but it does not work in Ubuntu 22.04.

If you are a Firefox + GNOME user, the GNOME Shell Integration extension for Firefox is a great way to easily install GNOME extensions in your system. But remember what I said last week:

But for this to work I remove the snap installation of Firefox, and install it via apt. I actually remove snap altogether from Ubuntu, if you ask me.

Update, 2023-05-19: As I’ve moved to Fedora 38 and GNOME 44, I’m using Quick Settings Audio Panel instead of the Audio Output Switcher, and AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support to get tray icons back.