Happy Birthday Scripting News!

Scripting.com is today 10 years old. It is the oldest running weblog on the web, an incredible source of information through the years. The beat of the web, from web 1.0, through the dot-com-boom, and until now in times of Web 2.0.

You can download the entire archive of Scripting.com here.

What was I doing 10 years ago? I had my first webpage online in August 1996 (unfortunately I haven’t kept a copy of it); these postings are invitations I sent to some newsgroups asking someone to take a look at it. Everybody was using Netscape 3 and Internet Explorer was virtually nonexistent. Java was available in version 1.1, I had a laptop running Windows 95, and a PowerBook 150 running Mac OS 7.5. On April 1st, 1997 I moved to my first own appartment, in Geneva. I started a life 10 years ago. Then came Buenos Aires, then Lausanne, and here I am. In the meantime, I’ve gone through many technologies, I’ve travelled here and there, and I even got married. All in all, a lot has happened. For good.