immedia: the leader mobile solutions provider in South Africa

akosma software was born with the dual objective of providing world-class software solutions and technical advice to companies, all over the world. One of the most unexpected and delightful outcomes of our work in akosma is the incredible friends we find along the way, every day.

Last week, akosma software was invited by the immedia team in Durban, South Africa, for a week-long workshop about the technical and commercial possibilities that iOS and other mobile platforms offer today. The trip was nothing short of amazing, and provided both immedia and akosma with a great way to exchange ideas, tips, knowledge, and culture. South Africa is an outstanding cocktail of diversity and opportunities, and immedia embraces the new paradigms of technology with imagination, speed and expertise.

One of the founding ideas of akosma software is that the biggest problem in software engineering is human, not technical; the immedia team confirms and embraces this fact, having assembled an awesome multicultural team, true to the spirit of South Africa. Even better, Durban is a strategic location of strong business growth, coupled with a dreamy location, on the shores of the Indian Ocean. They have been recognized leaders in their field for the past 10 years, and have a strong portfolio of systems and solutions to showcase.

Of course, as with all friendships, the most funny part of our growing relationship is how it all started; as you might remember, in April 2010 akosma software brought the first iPads in Switerland. Well, it turns out that Anice Hassim and Kishyr Ramdial, respectively founder and technical team leader of immedia, were in the Apple Store line that chilly morning of April 3rd, and they brought the first iPads to South Africa! We later met again in WWDC 2010, when the Football World Cup was starting in their beautiful homeland. Those meetings have evolved into a strong business relationship and a great friendship!

I would like to thank Anice, Kishyr, Nazeem Ebrahim and all the team for an incredible time. You will hear more about immedia and akosma software working together in the future!

PS: by the way, if your software company is growing and you need strategic guidance, or if you are wondering about the new business opportunities of the mobile market, akosma software is your partner of choice for consulting, business advice, and technical training. We are here to help!