Integrating iOS Applications with Backend REST Services

A couple of hours ago I finished my presentation at JAOO, a discussion of what I’ve learnt about integrating REST services in iOS apps while creating the iPhoneWebServicesClient project at Github.

This project showcases different transport formats and libraries to consume web services from an iPhone application. It features a server application written in PHP, a command-line script that saves the output of the server application in different formats, and an iPhone client application (compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 and higher). The server application reads a MySQL database and outputs data in the following formats: HTML, JSON, YAML, XML (arbitrary format), SOAP, Property list (Binary and XML), CSV, and Protocol Buffers.

As promised, here go the slides and of course, check the project in Github which actually contains the real thing!

Although not everyone liked it (you definitely can’t please everyone) I’ve got good feedback from many other attendees and all in all I’m happy to have shared what I’ve learnt in this project. Feel free to fork the code and add support for other libraries and configurations! I’d love to receive feedback about this project.