Interview in the Bolivian TV

In the context of the event organized by CAINCO in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on Thursday, June 16th, we were invited to be interviewed in the TV program “No Mentirás” (“You will not lie”) of the PAT network, in the evening of Wednesday 15th. The program is one of the most watched evening news shows in the country, and the objective was to raise awareness about the event to be held the following day.

The videos are available now on Justin.TV with the whole contents of the interview (in Spanish): part 1 and part 2

Here go some photos taken from the videos:

From left to right: Jose Luis Figueroa, Adrian Kosmaczewski, Olivia Stelzer, and Ezequiel Serres, host of the program.

More photos:

Olivia Stelzer, Commercial Executive at CAINCO

Jose Luis Figueroa and Adrian Kosmaczewski

Jose Luis Figueroa

Adrian Kosmaczewski (no comments on the orthography of the family name :))

Our interview begins in the video below, at around the 1h 29min mark:

Watch live video from PAT desde Sta Cruz on

The second part of the interview is in this second video:

Watch live video from PAT desde Sta Cruz on