Introducing the Lausanne Cathedral iPhone Applications!

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the Lausanne Cathedral iPhone application on the App Store, in French, English and German!

These applications are the result of a long collaboration with historians, philosophers, video producers and media experts under the direction of the EERV, who have worked together to create three stunning applications, providing insight and useful information about the Cathedral.

It will be useful to tourists, visitors, academia and the general public to know more about this beautiful building, its story, architecture and other details. As explained on the App Store:

The Eglise Réformée Vaudoise, the EERV, that is the Protestant Church of the Canton of Vaud has created an application to help visitors find their way through the cathedral. Its purpose is to allow them maximum autonomy, and to render their experience meaningful, as this historical edifice is also a place of high level of spirituality.

Check them out on the App Store!