iPhone Dev Day in Geneva on April 28th

Those of you who have been following me for long might remember an article I wrote in my personal blog two years ago (in French, translated here):

Why can’t we have conferences like this one, with mini events like this one in parallel in the French-speaking part of Switzerland? Or even like this one? Or like this other one! Or that one!

For all of you non-French speakers, this blog post is about a dream, about bringing to Switzerland quality speakers, for a world-class conference about technology. Something that this part of the country, at least, was lacking.

Well, my dream has come true: following the success of the 2009 Zürich event, and 2 days after the 2010 London edition, I hereby proudly announce the Dev Days for iPhone 2010 in Geneva, on Wednesday, April 28th, to take place in the Geneva Business Center in Petit-Lancy. The conference is co-organized by Trifork, Hortis and akosma software, and sponsored by none other than O’Reilly.

The conference is built around a double track, one for business people, the other for developers. As for speakers, we are immensely proud and happy to have on stage Raven Zachary (creator of the Obama iPhone app back in 2008, owner of Small Society and one of the most important figures in the iPhone business world in the USA), Daniel Steinberg (author of Cocoa Programming and Zero Configuration Networking, and frequent writer in the ADC site or O’Reilly’s MavDevCenter), and Neelan Choksi (founder of Lexcycle, the company behind the Stanza iPhone application).

Faithful to the “think global, act local” meme, the event will also feature business presentations of local interest, highlighting the thriving ecosystem built around the iPhone in Switzerland, including presentations Frédéric Layani and Nicolas Marion from Tag Heuer, and Jérôme Layat from the Hortis team, who have recently collaborated in publishing an astonishing iPhone application.

In any case, a world-class, unique event, without any doubt the most important iPhone-related event to happen in Switzerland in 2010. We hope to meet you there and share some interesting insight about the iPhone business!

For any inquiries about the event, don’t hesitate to contact Geeta Schmidt (+ 45 87 32 87 87, gsm@trifork.com) or myself.