JAOO 2010

It’s that time of the year again: JAOO 2010 is getting closer, with sessions and workshops from Sunday October 3rd to Friday 8th. JAOO has been held since 1996, and it is a multi-language, non-vendor focused, eclectic, flexible conference where you can learn about those technologies you’ve never heard about, or those you never had the time to explore in depth. I can’t but recommend to any software engineer to attend, given the breadth and the quality of the presentations.

This year’s speaker lineup is awesome as usual; just a few names to get you excited: Rob Pike (creator of the Go programming language, at Google), Martin Odersky (creator of Scala, from the EPFL), Douglas Crockford (the legendary JavaScript guru and the creator of JSON, from Yahoo!), Scott Chacon (founder of Github), Jeff Sutherland (father of the Scrum methodology), James Gosling (creator of Java), Jim Coplien (C++ legend), Martin Fowler (no need to say more), Tim Bray (father of XML)… and much more!

And akosma software is proud and humbled to announce that I will be there to talk about, you guessed it, iOS, the iPhone and the iPad. I am going to host two sessions this year:

In any case, if you are following me on Twitter (which you should, definitely) you can benefit of a 20% discount on the ticket price by using the “JAOOspeakerfollower” promotion code! I will be there the whole week, so don’t hesitate to stop me to say hi; I’d love to meet you in person there, and to share a good conversation about software engineering, trends and buzzwords!