Land of the Forbidden Maneuver

After four years of .NET, n-tier and service-oriented architectures, object-oriented programming and design patterns, I have been assigned a small… “Classic ASP” project, for Reuters. Yeah, you got it, the good’ol plain vanilla ASP, VBScript and so on.


The good news is that my technical contact at Reuters is Adam, a good friend and ex-boss of mine (yeah you can become a good friend of your boss… after the company they’ve worked in together has gone bankrupt :) )

Dusting out my (by know fairly limited and mostly forgotten) ASP knowledge, the first thing I found out is that it is increasingly difficult to find information on the web about ASP; the trick was to Google like this: “Session ASP -.NET, that is, specifying that I do not want .NET-related stuff in my results list…

Once I found this trick, life was easier. The messy part came right after, when I (re-)discovered that “Classic ASP”… is the Land of the Forbidden Maneuver. What I mean is this: ASP development gets harder and longer, not because of the complexity of the business rules or something like that, but just because of (among others) these Major Commandments:

Anyway, you get the idea.

A last commandment of the Land of the Forbidden Maneuver, just for our salvation:

Update 2005-09-25: I forgot to add this one: