Live Streaming

Lately, I’ve started to stream some live events on YouTube on behalf of VSHN. I was an absolute live streaming beginner, so I had to learn a few tricks.

Currently, I have a setup that works quite well, running 100% on Linux–Ubuntu 20.04, for the curious amongst you. It should also work without problem on a Mac or Windows, too.

I also usually carry an HDMI extension cable and all the power cords to ensure you don’t run out of juice during the transmission. A set of headphones also helps to monitor that the output audio is working properly.

So far, the only issue I’ve had is that my current HDMI splitter does not work correctly with 2016-20 Macs using the providential USB-C to HDMI dongle. Even the built-in HDMI port in a 2021 MacBook Pro wouldn’t work correctly, and lo and behold, we had to use a dongle with that laptop. Like, seriously.

On the other hand, I’ve tested this setup with Windows and Linux laptops and even with older MacBooks with built-in HDMI ports, and I’ve had no problem with those. Apple has completely forgotten how to make MacBooks that are good presentation laptops.

If you want to see the result of this setup, here are three videos for you: