Mnesia iPhone Application

akosma software is proud (again) to announce another partnership to create a new application: this time is Mnesia, a cool iPhone application developed jointly with Trifork Switzerland GmbH and Keith Bingman, an extraordinary designer from Zurich!

What is Mnesia? Mnesia is a gorgeous (Retina display enabled) application that helps you remember important things and put a structure to your life or work.

To quote Gerald Weinberg:

What you don’t know may not hurt you, but what you don’t remember always does.

Mnesia let you work with checklists in a structured way. First you design a checklist in an easy way on your iPhone. An example could be a “Go Camping” checklist where you add each task you need to perform before you are ready to go camping.

When you have designed the checklist you can start using it by just completing a task in the list. Doing that Mnesia takes a copy of the checklist and stores it in a folder named “Go Camping”. Each time you go camping a new copy is placed in that folder.

Checklists in Mnesia can be organized in folders and subfolders by simply “drag and dropping” them, similarly to the iOS Springboard application. You can share a checklist by simply forwarding the checklist as an email or you can use the iTunes file share option.


With Mnesia you will always have the checklists in the palm of your hand, exactly where and when you need them.

You can download Mnesia from the App Store! It is a free, ad-supported application. Enjoy!