Mobile Application Testing Book

Going through my archives I found a booklet I wrote 10 years ago, about testing iOS and Android mobile apps. I’m adding it to my Books page for the sake of memory, even though its contents are not at all relevant by today’s standards.

I gave printed and electronic versions of this booklet to my students attending a training course with the same name, one that I taught a few times in Switzerland and South Africa.

Here’s the link to the PDF and HTML versions, generated with the original implementation of Asciidoc (written in Python, years before I discovered Asciidoctor and its awesomeness) and DocBook. The file is dated “January 2013” but I remember that I gave these trainings until the following year.

The 130 pages booklet contains explanations about how to use several testing techniques for iOS and Android applications from a decade ago, with names that will surely ring a bell to those who were around during those pre-Swift and pre-Kotlin days, when only Objective-C and Java were the languages you used to make mobile apps:

Ah, le sigh.

There are also some practical tips and tricks for error handling, coding guidelines, and more. All in all, it was about helping people write better apps, more maintainable, with better standards, and with higher maintainability. Enjoy!