More nib2objc fun

There are many things that I wanted to do with nib2objc since day one, but of course sometimes you just don’t have the time to implement them all. But here go two new additions to the project, that will make nib2objc even simpler and more fun to use: a Mac application and a Mac OS X Service! The command line version is OK, but again, not everyone feels at home with command line tools.

Mac OS X Application

I’ve crafted a quick and dirty Mac application, available in the repository (under the “GUI” folder) that can be used to open several NIB files and see their contents in separate windows. Simple and useful. You can drag and drop xib files from the Finder to the dock icon and open any file in your projects.

Mac OS X Service

It cannot be simpler than this: select a file in Finder, open the “Services” menu, select the “Convert with nib2objc” entry, and your clipboard will contain the full source code of your NIB file. You only have to paste it into your preferred code editor!

I hope you will enjoy using these tools, and feel free to send your ideas and patches, as usual, via Github.