More Rust Stuff

I keep learning about Rust and I have found really interesting bits all over the place. Here’s a rough compilation.

Somebody figured out how to run Rust on iOS, on Android, and how to make macOS apps with it. Because why not.

Here’s a very interesting book: “Zero to Production in Rust” about web services written in Rust. I wonder if Rust will end up displacing Go in this field. In any case, people are tracking whether are we web yet? with Rust.

Of course, lots of people are interested in writing an OS in Rust, to which this introduction video for non-systems programmers will be very interesting.

The rustlings are useful exercises to read and write Rust code. It complements very well Rust by Example and thankfully Julia Evans says that Rust got easier to use since 2018.

Mathematicians are working on the RustBelt project to provide mathematical foundation to Rust. And here’s a paper if you’re into that kind of reading.

Rust is already supported in a few serverless environments. Case in point, Rust in AWS Lambda.

Another interesting video, this time a talk at Stanford.

Some say that Rust is self driving C++, while others say that we should slow things down: Rust: “Move fast and break things” as a moral imperative

And here’s another weird thing, at least in my opinion; using Rust to generate WebAssembly and running it in the server with Deno.

Some frameworks and libraries I came across, that really picked my attention:

And the winner is: Ruffle, a Flash player emulator. In Rust. Running on browsers as WebAssembly.

You heard right.