My First Django Project

So here it is, my first Django project: the gazillionth blog engine on the planet!. As if there weren’t enough, right? :) Actually it was a practical and easy way to learn the Django project, and the result is pretty neat. Feel free to download it, play with it, and give me your feedback. Here’s a sample screenshot in Safari:

Creating this project I have had a practical experience comparing both Django and, of course, Rails. The subject is not new in this blog; however, this time I could play with both frameworks and as such, I can bring my small amount of confusion in this big framework tar pit.

Personally, I found Django and Rails much more different than I previously thought. Both frameworks tackle similar problems, sometimes in similar ways; however; but this does not make for a real similarity between both. They have different philosophical approaches to the problem. This must surely have to do with the underlying programming language and their philosophies.

That said, I found Rails much easier to use. It took me far, far less time to do a similar small application in Rails than it took me to do it on Django. And I must say that when I first used Rails, I had never seen a line of Ruby in my life. I will list some pros and cons that I found in the process:

Good things about Django:

Bad things about Django:

Of course, these impressions have nothing to do with the power of the platform! Python is a powerful language, and many of the “newbie” observations above have to do with my own lack of knowledge about it. But first impressions count!

In any case, I liked playing with Django & Python; I’m happy to have learnt something new!

Update, 2009-02-26: I’ve posted the code in Github now, and also I’ve fixed its compatibility problems, and now it works with Django 1.0.2.