My Job at FIS International Co. Ltd.

On october 1997 I joined the team who made possible the publishing of one of the largest databases about fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing and vessels’ trading on the Internet, the Fish Info Service that can be reached with any browser at

FIS concentrates in one single site Company Information, an electronic Trading Market, worldwide Market Prices and Reports, Hot News about fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing, the complete list of Worldwide Shows and Fairs, weather links, and lots of useful information.

Since I began, I wrote many pages for companies publishing on the site. You can see them at the following addresses (some are not yet available, because still in construction):

There’s another page that I formatted to HTML on the Internet, it’s a lecture on Policy for the Attainment of Sustained Economic Growth written by Dr. Carlos Sabillon, from the University of Geneva.

But out of that work stuff, I really enjoy triying new techniques on my pages; I am actually improving my Java, JavaScript and VBScript programming skills, as well as my knowledge on Active Server Pages, a new technology for creating CGI scripts for servers running on Windows NT 4 Server, with the Internet Information Server extensions installed. For example, check out this game written with Active Server Pages !