New iPhone Apps: RooiFonts and DeviceDNA

Let me introduce to you RooiFonts and DeviceDNA, the latest iPhone apps by akosma software on the App Store!

RooiFonts is an evolution of my previous Font Browser application (still open source, still in Github). RooiFonts builds upon that application bringing some more new features, like the ability to send a screenshot of a sample of text in the selected font via e-mail, or being able to compare two fonts side by side. RooiFonts is available in the App Store for USD 3.99 (CHF 4.40, EUR 2.99).

On the other hand, DeviceDNA is a free application for all of my clients, to send me their iPhone device information (including their UDID) via e-mail in a convenient way. No more explaining “open iTunes, click here, paste thereā€¦”, just install this, and you’re done.

As usual, both are available in English, French and Spanish.