Notitas 2.0: A Major Milestone!

Notitas 2.0 has been approved during the weekend, and is available in the App Store!

This is a major revision of our review-winning application, including a much awaited adaptation to the iPad! That’s right, you can now create, read and edit your notes directly on the iPad. This new application is as simple to use as the iPhone version, but with the added benefit of allowing you to move notes freely around the interface, ordering and changing them as you need. A full-sized map shows the location of all your notes, helping you keep track of your ideas and their location.

The iPad version come bundled in the same package as the iPhone application, so that current owners will get the iPad version for free, the next time you update. We have also updated the graphics of the iPhone version to support the newest Retina displays, and finally, we have updated the application to support only iOS 4.0 and higher, as explained previously in this blog.

Get your copy of Notitas now! We would love to hear your feedback! We are going to continue to push new features into it, so stay tuned to our Twitter account @MuchasNotitas!