Open Letter to SaaS Apps

Dear SaaS app developer, entrepreneur, marketer, CEO, etc; here’s a tip: don’t annoy users, particularly those who have paid accounts.

It is not uncommon for your paying users to own and use several different devices. They will want to use your app (for which they gladly pay a monthly or yearly subscription) on their personal laptop, on a tablet, and then in their mobile. Maybe even in a separate desktop computer, too. They will want to log in each and all of those devices using their personal account, and will want to enjoy the benefits and services you offer.

What I’m asking is that, when they do so, do not bother them by logging them out from the other devices. Let them use more than one device at a time (DeepL, I’m looking at you) or more than two (SurveyMonkey, I see you.) Do not log them out from a previous device they’ve used to access your application, or block them from logging to a new one. It’s obnoxious, seriously.

May I remind you that even a paid Microsoft 365 subscription can be used in up to five (5) devices at once, simultaneously. Heck, even Evernote can be used in up to two (2) devices in their free-as-in-beer entry-level plan.

Are you really going to log me out? Seriously? Every single time? Yes, I do switch devices often. Sometimes I even use different browsers in the same device. Because reasons.

So when you log me (a paying user) out of a previous device when I use another one, I feel irritated. Do not log me out. Let me use your service. I’m a paying user. I want to support you. Don’t log me out.

This is particularly valid if you’re an independent SaaS, not yet bought up by or otherwise associated with big tech. Don’t annoy your users. Let them use up to 5 devices. It’s not that complicated. Just 5.

I don’t pretend to use 100 devices with your service. Just 5 at most.

Shut up and take my money. Well, yes, until I get tired of your shit and I don’t want to give it to you anymore.