Open Letter to the People in London

what i feared most was that, because of the “terrorist” attacks, your (our) “liberties” might be cut off. you know, in this world you are free to be fired from your job, you are free to choose those that will decide for you, you are free to choose to be a slave. now, not even that. they will decide even the moment and reason of your death.

for the sake of national security. the security of who?

yesterday you saw a clear sign of this; a guy, without any “visible” link to whatsoever, was literally shot down (5 gunshots! in the head!!) because he didn’t stop? and nobody reacts?? where are the people condemning the fact of being “protected” (cough) by people who can shoot you just because they “think” (cough) you are dangerous???

do you really believe that the mi5 did not know about the attacks on july 7th? did you know that benjamin netanyahu (israeli finance minister) was told not to leave his london hotel that very morning, by the secret services? he had to give a conference not far from where one of the bombs exploded. cia knew about september 11th, the mossad knew about madrid.

or have we eaten and forgotten that stupid image of a fireman finding an arab passport near ground zero on september 11th???

for god’s sake, be careful. i thought that this kind of things only happened in my beloved argentina, but now you will be able to see the worst of horrors; terrorism of state.

i remember hearing bombs exploding in buenos aires when i was 5 years old.

please keep your mind open and learn from the spanish people, that moved to the streets asking to stop all violence, and first of all, the retirement of the spanish troops from places where they should not have been in the first place.

at least that.

there is no way that violence in london will stop any time soon if you, the londoners, don’t go to the streets and ask those in power to step out. if this is democracy (cough), this is how this should be. and not, as i read in the papers, by “following their day-by-day duties like nothing happened”. the ostrich attitude, buring the head in the ground, is definitely not an option. i do not buy that.

what will happen if the attacks continue? will you remain in your homes waiting for the end of hostilities? that is exactly what they want, whoever they are.

this is a war, for god’s sake. you cannot stop a war with another one. it cannot be done. we are all going to die. but all together we can say no, and this is the moment to do it. and all changes begin with a “no”, loud and clear.

take really care, please. i do care about what’s going on. please ask yourselves who is your enemy.

pass this over to whoever cares.