Praise for "Mobile JavaScript Application Development"

Si Dunn, at Books, Books & More (New) Books:

His book is divided into seven well-written chapters. And six of them offer numerous screenshots and short code examples. (…) Mobile JavaScript Application Development takes this straightforward approach: (1) “leave the theory to others” and (2) focus on “understand by doing.” And, mercifully, the author does not try to tackle too many technologies at once. Instead, he concentrates – in “an opinionated, hands-on” way on three technologies that he says “are currently the most promising and…show the most interesting roadmap.”

S. Shanbhag, at

Overall, this book is very pleasant to read and is really geared towards folks evaluating different JavaScript mobile frameworks and didn’t know where to start. This book will make it easy for you to decide what’s suitable for your application.

Juri Strumpflohner, at Juri’s TechBlog:

If you are a JavaScript newbie eager to dive into creating rich mobile web applications, this book is for you. It is structured in a very clear and intuitive way, introducing the most useful HTML5 features, some JavaScript performance tips, jQuery mobile and Sencha Touch examples and illustrates even how PhoneGap works.

Elissa Shevinsky, at the O’Reilly book page:

This book is well organized and easy to follow with clear instructions for using these technologies to build basic applications. While I can enthusiastically recommend this book as an excellent starting point, further reading is necessary to build an app with high performance and seamless UI.

Piers Hollott, at the O’Reilly book page:

I have just finished reading a review copy of Adrian Kosmaczewski’s book on Mobile Development using JavaScript, and I highly recommend it, particularly if you are faced with a decision about mobile development frameworks and you have a team which is already familiar with hybridized JavaScript approaches like JQuery or GWT.

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