Praise for "Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running"


A very good book on Sencha Touch. This book covers various important topics. Learned many very useful information from it. Enjoyed it. (…)

Léo Stringaro:

Parfait pour bien débuter avec Sencha Touch. Permet de mettre en place, rapidement, une app complete. Explications claires. (…)

Anthony Emery:

(…) The book does not attempt to lead you through the creation of a whole sample application allowing it to be concise whilst still feeling like they have covered an awful lot. I think this style is perfectly suited to an intermediately skilled programmer where little time is wasted on the basics and you get into the real ‘meat’ of the language quickly.

Needless to say I have been very impressed by Sencha Touch 2 (as a framework) and I would definitely recommend this book as a good entry point.

Ben Love:

(…) The author is clearly comfortable with the subject matter and could have easily come across “professor-like” in his instruction. Instead, his passion for the framework shines through in his writing and makes it easy to get excited about what you can do with Sencha Touch when you’re done with the book. I wish more frameworks had a book like this accompanying them. (…)

K. Addaquay

i have read most of the recent sencha books and this one is definitely one of my favorite. i think the author has done a great job at simplifying the inner workings of sencha touch 2. (…)


(…) I recently started sencha development and i have read all the new books on sencha touch 2… but somehow i really love this book … how its organized. (…) The examples given in this book are the best all all the books i have! And i found a wealth of information on chapter 3,4 and 6 and 7 (Views, Data, Controller and Styling Applications).. i felt the other books were not satisfactory. Other books were missing information on framework functions, utilities and component information, and this book provided them for me. i am definitely keeping this book as a ref guide (…)

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