Retrospective 2010

2010 is coming to an end, and it was an excellent year for akosma software! We would like to thank all of our clients, service providers, partners and friends for the trust and the business! We wish you a great 2011 and we remain at your service as your partner of choice for your software needs.

We are thrilled and proud to share with you a few highlights of 2010 below:

iOS Projects

To put it bluntly, during 2010, the business around iOS has simply exploded. The iPad has brought a tremendous amount of interest, money and business to the iOS platform, where many companies are looking for ways to provide services, leisure and information through the hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod touches available throughout the world. Games, newspapers, brands, service providers: having an iPhone app is as important as having a website!

These are the applications developed directly or jointly by akosma software, released through the App Store or the web for worldwide distribution:


This iconic and magnetic device amazes and fascinates more and more people every day, and sets the pace of the whole industry:


The iPad has been a tremendous success, and not only has akosma software brought to Switzerland the first iPads in April, we have also been actively involved in important projects for this device:

Universal (iPhone & iPad)

The creation of “Universal Apps” for both the iPhone and the iPad has special quirks, particularly when targeting iPhone OS versions prior to 4.x; we have published a popular article explaining our findings and our techniques to streamline the creation of such applications.

Web App Optimized for iPhone & iPad

Web apps, based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, can be customized and enhanced for iOS devices; we have teamed up with our partners and friends of Zerofee in London to create a unique web app for the iOS platform:

Consulting and Training

In akosma software we provide many services, among which consulting takes a place of choice; we’ve provided countless hours of guidance to many businesses in Switzerland and abroad, explaining them various aspects of the distinct dynamics of the iOS platform. Among those clients (many of which have asked us to remain anonymous), we have worked closely with:


During 2010, akosma software has both organized and participated as speaker in many conferences and technical events accross Europe:

Open Source

akosma software is actively involved in the open source arena, giving back to the community as much as we can, because we strongly believe that we all benefit from sharing code and contributing to each others’ projects. Here are some of the projects that we have published or updated during 2010:


As active members of the iOS development community in Switzerland, we’ve been interviewed in several occasions during the year, to provide our opinion about the status of the iOS software landscape in this country and abroad:

Other News

But that’s not all! Many more good things have happened in akosma software during 2010:

We wish you the best for 2011!