Roundup of iPhone App Sketchbooks

Nailing down the idea, the navigation and the UI of your next killer iPhone application is as important (if not more) as writing good code. This is why this post will showcase some recent iPhone designer products, all providing a paper-based, iPhone-shaped and iPhone-sized support for sketching out iPhone apps with your client (or just for your own creative pleasure).

Here we go:

App Sketchbook by Square Position, LLC (USA), @appsketchbook on Twitter, sold via PayPal for USD 12.99, in both a perforated and non-perforated version.

iPhone Application Sketch Book originally by Kapsoft (USA) but recently sold to Apress Publishing, sold on Amazon for USD 9.99 (while supplies last!).

Notepod by Inventive Labs (Australia), @notepods on Twitter, sold via PayPal for USD 17.95.

The Developer Sketchbook for iPhone Apps by Electric Butterfly (USA), @ebutterfly on Twitter,sold on Amazon for USD 19.99.

Finally, the UI Stencils Sketch Pad (for USD 7.95) with its iPhone Stencil Kit (for USD 17.95) by Design Commission (@designcom on Twitter).

I’ve ordered some of these items, and I’ve seen some others in the hands of some colleagues, and I can tell you that they are really handy and useful. I look forward to using them soon! For more information, here’s a recent article on TUAW comparing some of the items featured in this article.

Happy iPhone app designing!

Update, 2009-11-12: The iPhone Application Sketch Book (recently bought by Apress) has been revamped and now features a plastic stencil too!