Senbei, a Fat Free CRM iPhone Client

I’m a happy user of Fat Free CRM by Michael Dvorkin. I’ve been using it since the start of akosma software to keep track of my projects, clients, prospects and even as a simple to-do list. It helps me as a “corporate memory”, tracking every interaction I have with my clients and partners (phone calls, meetings, new projects, quotations, etc).

As I said many times before, if you are not using Fat Free CRM, you should. A CRM, I mean, not a CMS :)

But, as an avid iPhone user, I was lacking the ability to use all of this information while I was in the road. I wanted to be able to access my “company wide” address book, check my tasks for the day, or add comments about the latest meetings right from my iPhone. So that is why, in cooperation with Michael and the marketing geniuses of Zerofee (who suggested the name and contributed the icon), I’ve written Senbei, a small, lightweight iPhone client for Fat Free CRM. And not only that, I’ve also made the source code available to anyone with a BSD license, as usual, in my Github account!

Right now Senbei costs USD 0.99 (CHF 1.10), but I will increase the price until USD 4.99 (CHF 5.50) in every one of the next 5 updates. I have new features in the pipeline that I want to add… including an iPad version!