Siegfried Ceballos: The Idea Detective

Siegfried Ceballos, the “idea detective” (@ideadetective on Twitter), is publishing an interesting series of short videos, asking people about the estimated percentage of ideas they are able to actually bring to reality. The answers to this very atypical and interesting question are insightful and different, and I had the pleasure to answer it to Siegfried last Monday at a break during the TEDx Geneva conference.

Adrian Kosmaczewski, Akosma Software, Pully, answered to the question in French: “What percentage of ideas are actually carried out?”. He says 15% is a reasonable figure. He does not have the time to carry out more but he writes his ideas down on his paper notepad.

The interview was made at TEDxGeneva, Monday 7 December 2009.

The question is interesting in many respects, because, as I said in the video, many of my ideas are simply not doable in a reasonable timeframe, and this leads to the appearance of “derived”, “doable” ideas, and some of these are about software, while other ideas are more about just doing business in other fields. In any case, my Moleskine notepad is my friend.

In the same series, don’t miss the answers from Joan Flanagan from Saatchi & Saatchi, Michael Doser from CERN, Bruno Giussani from TED, Christophe Gras from Hortis, Luciano Benassi from SoSoftware and Frederic Sidler from

Thought-provoking! Thanks to Siegfried for this.