Starting a New Adventure

So here we go again.

Last week I started my new job, as Software Solutions Consultant for Getronics, in Lonay, near Lausanne (where I live), Switzerland. Yeah, the commune of Lonay has an awful website. Anyway. The good news is Getronics, actually.

My job, as usual, will be one with multiple faces. I will be in charge of technical consulting for the pre-sales and development teams, and also architecture and training. As you can see, nothing to make you feel bored. But in any case, a big improvement over my previous employer, mostly in terms of growing possibilities, infrastructure, diversity of clients, and learning opportunities.

So my first two assignments go well in this scope: to begin with, a Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 customized development training for a big industry group in Switzerland, and also my first project as a project manager! A small development project for the Swiss public sector, that needed some redirection and some advice, and my boss has chosen me to manage it.

And more is coming in the next weeks… stay tuned! I cannot confirm yet but I have great news to announce soon.

So as you can see, many things going on simultaneously; at the same time I’m well into my Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc in IT, Software Engineering), and managing again the website of the Martin Ennals Award.

The year 2006 has started at full throttle! :)