Starting Again

So here we go again. They say that the only constant thing is change.

Back to blogging, but with a few differences. Not only on the screen, but in real life too.

This time, I drop the idea of maintaining several blogs at once, as I did before with those previous blogs. It was much too work :-P actually, only two of those were purely mine, since “Stop the Press” was more a blackboard to put interesting stuff that I find elsewhere, trying to keep it in a handy place. As a matter of fact I always feared that someone e-mailed me telling me to take those copies offline, but it never happened, and I hope it doesn’t; I like to have all of that online.

I also drop Movable Type altogether, and instead choose Wordpress. For several reasons:

The old blogs will remain at the same URL as before, since some posts (particularly those related to Ubuntu and the Linksys wireless card configuration) are referenced from other sites, and I do not want people to get lost. Those pages are very important to me, and hopefully to others as well.

And in my life… well, Claudia came to Switzerland and we’re finally married. Life starts again, better than ever. My working life has also changed substantially; I no longer work with or for Microsoft technologies; I am now senior C++ software developer in riskpro technologies AG, happily using and discovering wxWidgets, Boost, Ubuntu, Ruby on Rails and lots of other cool things going around, free to discover, to enjoy, to use, and to fix, if needed. I have discovered lots of cool stuff, and everyday the open source world keeps me more amazed, entertained, and productive than ever before; this is something that Microsoft ceased to do long ago…

So here we go again, because I still have a lot to say. Stay tuned!