Thats What Namespaces Are For

Today I was looking at the list of speakers in the Enterprise Architect Summit 2005 to be held in November in Barcelona… and found out that David Chappell was one of them. Interesting thing, since I regularly read his blog articles about architecture and best practices. I even have one of his books!

But… I looked at the photograph and said… “that’s not David Chappell’s photograph! They must have made a mistake when they did the page”.

Well it turns out that the David Chappell whose blog I check frequently, is another one.

Actually, there are two different people called David Chappell down there, and to make things worse (or better!) both are speakers in worldwide conferences, both are american, both have written many books, and both are worldwide authorities on Service-Oriented Architectures.

How to distinguish them?

As you can see, they are quite different in some regards. By the way, both have written articles about this coincidence! Here’s one article, here’s the other.

The funny thing is that Amazon just mixes the books from both authors as if they were the same :)

PD: actually, here I found a third David Chappell that, as it turns out, also works in the Computer field… and Dr. David Chappell who’s a history professor in the University of Arkansas. Well, there a surely lots of them, then?

Update, 2022-09-09: And now there’s a comedian called Dave Chappelle to make things even more confusing.