The Core Idea of this Blog is Migrations

This blog, made of writing pieces I published online in various formats since 1996 to today, is the reflection of the various migrations I’ve experienced through my life.

I’ve been through two kinds of migrations: physical and technological. Look at them; they’re grouped under the “migrations” tag.

There’s the story of my moving from Buenos Aires to Geneva, and the one about dropping macOS for Linux. The other about seeing .NET developers switching to Rails. There’s even a tongue-in-cheek guide for those who want to move to another technical galaxy, by the way. And I keep learning a new programming language every year since 1992.

This is the core idea of being a polyglot software developer. I always felt like I couldn’t stop moving in this industry, that I had to keep up with whatever came next. And that’s why so many posts in this blog reflect new things, new discoveries, product reviews, experiments, explanations, and even papers, some of which I wrote during the time of my Master’s degree.

All things change continuously. And I’m naturally curious, so I’ll keep on writing about migrations on this blog.