This is my first post from a brand new world.

I have just installed Ubuntu 5.10 (“Breezy”) in my G3 iBook, and so far I just love it. Fast, stable, incredibly easy to set up. The whole install took 45 minutes (10 minutes copying stuff from the CD to the hard disk, and then 35 minutes configuring itself). Ubuntu recognized every bit of hardware of this machine, from the Airport card to the trackpad and the Ethernet adapter. It comes with OpenOffice, GIMP and much more pre-installed, and I really find it easy to use. Very intuitive user interface, really great operating system. And free and open source.

Now I’m following the instructions in http://www.fo64.com/articles/2005/10/20/rails-on-breezy for installing Ruby on Rails on this brave new system.

Well the only problem found so far with Ubuntu is that the computer hang when I sent it to sleep (closing the lid of the iBook). When re-opening the lid, the computer would become unresponsive.

This post gives the exact procedure to do to solve it, until a fix comes in the next Ubuntu kernel…


Only thing: in the scripts, replace “dbus-1” by “dbus” both in the name and the contents. This way it worked without problems on my G3 800 Mhz iBook…

I really look forward to use Ubuntu in my everyday work. I plan to use it as the default system for this laptop for a while. Stay tuned..

Update, 2024-03-29: Listen to the original startup sound of Ubuntu 5.10 (courtesy of Outwit Playlist on Mastodon, converted from OGG to MP3 with FFmpeg.)