Upcoming Conferences: SDC in Göteborg and iPhone Dev Days in London

2010 will be for akosma software, without any doubt, the year of the conference.

I am delighted and absolutely thrilled to announce that there already are two major events in the agenda for next year, where I will have the privilege to share the stage with major names in the field, to talk about this passion, namely, iPhone software development:

First, there’s the Scandinavian Developer Conference 2010 in Göteborg, Sweden, on March 16th & 17th, 2010. This event features this year a mobile technologies track, and I will be giving an introduction to iPhone development, as well as a more in-depth discussion about consumption of REST services from iPhones. In the same conference there will be sessions about MonoTouch and Android, so all in all it is an event I’m really looking forward to attend.

Then, the following month, the iPhone Dev Days 2010 in London, organized by Trifork and sponsored by O’Reilly, taking place on April 26th, 2010. I will be on stage with Raven Zachary (creator of two Top 20 iPhone Apps, and Founder of iPhone DevCamps, and owner of the company that created the official Barack Obama iPhone app), Bill Dudney (yes, the iPhone Development Guru and Best-Selling Author of iPhone SDK Development and Core Animation) Daniel Steinberg (author of articles in O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter and ADC, and also author of the Cocoa Programming and Zero Configuration Networking books) and Sumit Rai (creator of the Deutsche Bank Application and Founder of Kulu Valley).

I look forward to meet you there in person! I will be blogging more about these events next year, as I am extremely honored about participating to both events, being 100% sure that they will be resounding successes.

Don’t hesitate to stop me to say hi, or to e-mail to ask questions before the events. As usual, feel free to browse my previous presentations on SlideShare.

Update, 2010-02-09: Unfortunately Bill Dudney will not be able to come, but Daniel Steinberg will replace him… with a surprise!