Since August 2019 I took the duty of publishing a weekly series of blog posts called “VSHN․timer”.

The idea of VSHN.timer is to extract, from all the links shared by my colleagues in the VSHN chat system, the best five in any particular subject, of course always centered around technology, DevOps, Kubernetes, and other cloud-related stuff.

Thankfully, so far, the feedback from our readers has been nothing short of terrific.

So that motivated us, earlier this year, as the pandemic started looming across the planet, to take another small step. Following the request of a few readers, we made an e-mail newsletter out of it, one of those gazillion newsletters you can subscribe to. I myself am subscribed to a few of those (TLDR is undoubtedly the best), and I have to say I like having someone recommending links to me. And I like short newsletters. I hope VSHN.timer is short enough. And I hope it is of enough quality.

But as if that were not enough, lately we have added yet another channel to our distribution: YouTube. That is right, a new video every Monday, with the same five links, but with the added bonus of that unmistakable latino accent of yours truly on the mix. There is a playlist with all VSHN.timer videos you might enjoy, if you are into binge watching, that is.

Writing VSHN.timer every week is a great way to learn about the world of cloud technologies. I can’t help but to think about the time when I started working as a software engineer in 1997, writing Active Server Pages apps in VBScript, running them in an absolutely non-virtual Windows NT server.

For good or worse, the technology stack is so much more sofisticated now, and of course the productivity and stability of the tools so much better. But not all is perfect. VSHN.timer is a compendium of the best (and sometimes the worst too) the industry has to offer; we keep an eye on what is coming, what is hot, and what is not, and condense all of it in the shortest format we could find.

And last but not least, we have a blast and we keep learning a lot, which is at least in my case one of my major goals.

So please subscribe, like, and hit that notification button. See you every Monday!

Update, 2021-03-15: Sadly the video version is no longer in production, but you can always subscribe to our RSS feed or to the email newsletter.